Baby MGMT is a women led boutique music and multimedia firm. With our combined history and experience, as a team, we specialize in artists management, promotions, marketing, live music production, music video production, and recording.

We have cultivated a culture and a team of multifaceted badass folks from all walks of life to help artists of all media develop into their fullest potential by providing tailored support and services so that they may tell their stories creatively and effectively. 

"Being baby is a radical response to a culture in which generations have infantilized us without nurturing us, a breaking of antiquated standards while honoring artistic integrity, a joyful reclamation of tenderness, a revolution."

Ashley Elizabeth

Founder | President

Born and raised deep in the San Fernando Valley in the late '80s, early '90s, there wasn't much to do, so Ashley turned to music. The music has always been on ever since. Her youth was spent in dusty thrift shops looking for vinyl records, never missing Battle of the Bands, & taking the train into Hollywood to sneak into concerts just so she could discover a new sound. 


Ashley's love for creative expression and passion music has followed her well into adulthood and has led her to try out several different roles such as Creative Director, Tour Manager, Promoter, Festival & Concert Producer, Publicity and eventually creating this collective. It's her personal goal to have an environment in which womxn can support and grow together to help create and nurture something bigger than any one person, where ideas come to light and interact with the world at large.

Ashley also founded LA's annual music & arts festival Festy Baby, a local independent event supporting emerging local artists. Festy Baby donates a portion of ticket proceeds to non-profit foundations in our local community-focused in the arts such as; Non-Plus Ultra, Write Girl LA, Renaissance Arts Academy. Companies that have sponsored and supported Festy Baby are Fender, Live Nation, Goldenvoice, Paradigm Talent Agency, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Health-Ade Kombucha, and many more. 

Rayana Chumthong

Creative Director

Rayana is a first-generation Thai American visual artist and storyteller based out of Los Angeles where she works professionally as a cinematographer, filmmaker, and photographer.


She is affiliated with American Film Institute’s inaugural Cinematography Intensive for Women program and is a soon-to-be graduate of Global Cinematography Institute, a film school co-founded by Yuri Neyman, ASC, and Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC (Close Encounters of the Third Kind). Prior to her transition into the film industry. 


Rayana worked as a freelance music photojournalist covering artists such as Wyclef Jean for and Lights for Her passion for visual storytelling has evolved to encompass many different mediums and formats while working collaboratively with other artists to achieve a genuine narrative that encapsulates her audience.

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